Web scraping
In essence web scraping is about collecting and gathering data from one or more websites and transfer it to another service. It's also called data mining or data capturing. read more
Case: Coupondu
"Bitrake was exactly what I was looking for. There are so many different products in this area but this was quality work from day one" Lukas, Coupondu read more
Case: Boligven
"It didn't take long to decide on Bitrake as a scraper service: Easy to implement and at a very good price." Thomas Cillius, Boligven read more

What is Bitrake

Bitrake is an online data extraction service (SaaS) that enables you to aggregate content from webpages in a fast and convenient way and deliver that content in any way you wish. more about Bitrake

Web scraping

So what is web scraping?

Web scraping can also be called web harvesting or web data extraction and is the technique of extracting and gathering information from websites.  Web scraping is related to web indexing which indexes information on the web using a bot (think search engine). more about web scraping


Bitrake strives to deliver great value for a low cost. If you want to try out our service before signing up for a deal, please consider our test plan which is free. more about our offerings