What is Bitrake

Bitrake is an online data extraction service (SaaS) that enables you to aggregate content from webpages in a fast and convenient way and deliver that content in any way you wish.

Our full service lets you gather specific data from the internet without technical knowledge, simply send us a description of your specific needs by email and we will set everything up for you.

Our more advanced self-service is configured through your favourite browser and configuration requires only basic knowledge of either Javascript or Ruby.

How Bitrake works

The core element of the system is a carefully  crafted crawler that is extremely fast and easy to configure. The crawler allows you to specify domains, filters, crawling speed and scheduling making it very flexible.

Each page fetched by the crawler is then processed by a script which is responsible for extracting and formatting the necessary content. It is configured through the UI, and in our full featured service package this will be done by us.

The result of script processing will then be a set of  key/value pairs for each processed page. As an example, for a product page a set of values could be be

  • name: Riva Aquamarina
  • price: 9000€
  • stock: 1

These data can then be made available to you directly to your system with a callback (via REST calls), mailed to an email address of your choice or downloaded as a file, ready to be used in your application.

Bitrake has 3 primary capabilities, which are:

  1. Data extraction from websites to a structured custom format (web scraping)
  2. Monitoring & data extraction of your email account
  3. Real-time monitoring information on the internet.

Data is extracted from any source made publicly available on the internet. These can be regular web pages, RSS feeds or any other means of publishing web information. If this sounds like something you need, but you don’t see the specifics, simply contact us and we’ll try to help you out in any feasible way.

What can Bitrake be used for?

The data extraction and real-time monitoring capabilities of Bitrake has a wide range of uses, such as:

Product comparison

Bitrake can be used by websites to collect products from different sources and thereby letting the end user compare prices or features.

Transitioning from an old website

With Bitrake you can retrive data from an existing website and store it in a custom format, saving you the time it takes to re-enter large amounts of into a new structure or CMS.


Watch a blog or newssite and get noticed every time a predefined topic or piece of information comes up.

Make sure you know what’s being said about you or your product as it happens!